Sander Eikelenboom wrote:

The Debian kernel-package tool make-kpkg for easy building of upstream kernels 
on Debian fails with linux 4.16-rc1.

The tool (perl script) while invoked with:
     make-kpkg --initrd --append_to_version -20180212 kernel_image

On a git tree with a .config from the previous kernel release, so new KConfig 
questions have to be asked on new or changed options.

The script stalls indefinitely while it seems to be excuting:
     exec make kpkg_version=13.018+nmu1 -f 
/usr/share/kernel-package/ruleset/ debian 

After using ctrl-c to break out it, i get:
    ^CFailed to create a ./debian directory: No such file or directory at 
/usr/bin/make-kpkg line 970.
Bisection turned up as culprit:
     commit d2a04648a5dbc3d1d043b35257364f0197d4d868
     kconfig: remove check_stdin()
Except silentoldconfig, valid_stdin is 1, so check_stdin() is no-op. oldconfig and silentoldconfig work almost in the same way except that
     the latter generates additional files under include/.  Both ask users
     for input for new symbols.
I do not know why only silentoldconfig requires stdio be tty. $ rm -f .config; touch .config
       $ yes "" | make oldconfig > stdout
       $ rm -f .config; touch .config
       $ yes "" | make silentoldconfig > stdout
       make[1]: *** [silentoldconfig] Error 1
       make: *** [silentoldconfig] Error 2
       $ tail -n 4 stdout
       Console input/output is redirected. Run 'make oldconfig' to update 
scripts/kconfig/Makefile:40: recipe for target 'silentoldconfig' failed
       Makefile:507: recipe for target 'silentoldconfig' failed
Redirection is useful, for example, for testing where we want to give
     particular key inputs from a test file, then check the result.
Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <>
     Reviewed-by: Ulf Magnusson <>

Reverting this specific commit makes make-kpkg work again as usual.

Version of the kernel-package used:
ii  kernel-package                                              13.018+nmu1

I also cc'ed the Debian developer who maintains the kernel-package package: 
Manoj Srivastava


I have noticed today the same - the kernel-build blockage was in (as I recall)
srcipts/kconfig/conf -s --silentoldconfig Kbuild

I have bypassed it by regenerating the .config "by hand"...


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