On 08/02/2018 23:58, Tom Lendacky wrote:
> Provide a new KVM capability that allows bits within MSRs to be recognized
> as features.  Two new ioctls are added to the VM ioctl routine to retrieve
> the list of these MSRs and their values. The MSR features can optionally
> be exposed based on a CPU and/or a CPU feature.

Yes, pretty much.  Just two changes:

> +struct kvm_msr_based_features {
> +     u32 msr;                        /* MSR to query */
> +     u64 mask;                       /* MSR mask */
> +     const struct x86_cpu_id *match; /* Match criteria */
> +     u64 value;                      /* MSR value */

1) These two should be replaced by a kvm_x86_ops callback, because
computing the value is sometimes a bit more complicated than just rdmsr
(for example, MSRs for VMX capabilities depend on the kvm_intel.ko
module parameters).


This should be KVM_GET_MSR.

> +             r = msr_io(NULL, argp, do_get_msr_features, 1);
> +             break;

Bonus points for writing documentation :) and for moving the MSR
handling code to arch/x86/kvm/msr.{c,h}.



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