> > You might think this absolutely crazy, but I would be willing to test
> > such systems if I can get my hands on the needed hardware that I lack.
> > I am already doing sanity testing on Intel
> > i486/i586/i586-MMX/i686-PentiumPro systems, I just don't have the
> > clone cpus (Cyrix, etc).
> >
> > While few people are using the 32bit kernel, I don't think we want to
> > kill it completely just yet.
> I have a working Cyrix MII (was actively using it last year, now upgraded to 
> a 
> P3-based Celeron). Some AMD CPUs too - K6(maybe -2 or -3?), not sure about K5 
> and also a Rise mP6. But never got a WinChip.

I'm using Core Duo daily (backup machine, web browsing), and use
Pentium M as an ssh client say once in month.

> So the question is: what to test?

Self-compiling kernel is traditional stability test.

I do have two Geodes I believe, but the hardware is quite nasty to
use. (One has some kind of forth-based BIOS -- forgot the name).

> BTW. Kernel was not able to identify mP6 CPU 6 years ago, patches were 
> ignored.

You may want to re-send :-).
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