On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 05:05:39PM +0000, mario.limoncie...@dell.com wrote:
> OK thanks for confirming.  Here's what I've concluded:
> * So looking through the ACPI tables on the 9360 it initializes that status
> (slate vs laptop mode) bit to "slate" mode.  The 9360 isn't a 2-in1- so that
> seems wrong to me, but that's what it does.
> It only gets updated based on dock status.
> The 9365 (which is a 2 in 1) however seems to initialize the status properly.
> So that's an impasse of what to do.
> It's not clear to me what is really happening:
> a) We're missing something else in this driver (eg something else that 
> indicates whether to trust VGBS output)
> b) Mis-interpreting the results from it (we shouldn't report the switch for 
> tablet mode based on what we do)
> c) 9360 has a BIOS bug (seems unlikely since Windows doesn't freak out and
> show virtual keyboard at wrong time)
> I'm leaning on it's probably <a>.
> We should check for tablet mode should only be run if chassis type 
> matches 2-in-1 (chassis type 0x1F).  

This sounds like a good approach to me.

> I believe that should fix the problem on the 9360, let it continue to work on
> the 9365 (and other 2-in-1's).
> Can you guys please test this?  If that works I'll split up the routine and 
> submit
> it.

Queueing this up as well.
Darren Hart
VMware Open Source Technology Center

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