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> On Sat, 17 Feb 2018 03:38:48 +0900
> Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masah...@socionext.com> wrote:
>> If the target compiler is GCC 4.8 or newer, plugins are compiled with
>> HOSTCXX.  Otherwise, gcc-plugin.sh will select HOSTCC or HOSTCXX.
>> To simpily things, let's decide GCC 4.8 is the requirement for GCC
>> pulgins.  With this, plugins are always built with HOSTCXX.  This is a
>> feature of advanced users, so this requirement whould not be not a big
>> issue.
> I disagree with such a decision. I think the gcc plugins should compile
> with older version because the kernel can be compiled with them too.
> The distros use these older versions as well and I can very well imagine
> that new plugins will extend these with backported features such as
> my sancov plugin.

Let me clarify this.

I removed the version check in the following patch:

So, you can enable CONFIG_GCC_PLAUGINS
as long as scripts/gcc-plugin.sh passes
(i.e. C++ can compile plugins).

Even if it is unlikely happen,
GCC 4.5 -> 4.8 is not a big jump.

People were recently talking about the minimum compiler version

The thread is super long, but my understanding was
4.5 or 4.6 would be reasonable.

So, we will be there sooner or later.

Best Regards
Masahiro Yamada

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