Does multi MSI interrupts will also be set and routed by affinity ?

In drivers/pci/host/pcie-iproc-msi.c interrupt handler there is do while loop.
head = iproc_msi_read_reg(msi, IPROC_MSI_EQ_HEAD,
                                  eq) & IPROC_MSI_EQ_MASK;
        do {
                tail = iproc_msi_read_reg(msi, IPROC_MSI_EQ_TAIL,
                                          eq) & IPROC_MSI_EQ_MASK;


        } while (true);

What happens if two multi MSI cards are connected and continuously running traffic ? Will this handler ever come out? wont this stall CPU ?
Will the interrupts be routed to different CPU's in this case also?


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