There are so many rules for kernel developers to deal with.  Is it worse
to go over the 80 character limit or align the parameters properly?  Is
it OK to start the subject with a lower case letter?  I get in trouble
for using the wrong prefix but I'm the first person to patch a driver so
how on earth am I supposed to read into your @#$R@#$@#$@#$@ mind to see
what prefix you are going to want?

The imperitive thing is a good suggestion for people to think about but
it's not something that you should suggest to other people out of the
blue for no reason.  I've seen people do it for OPW and I'm like, "Eh...
I guess in that case maybe the intern will have to deal with some super
anal maintainer so they should know all the rules".  But generally,
unless the person asked you to tutor them about every single unpleasant
thing/maintainer they might have to deal then just let it be.  Otherwise
you risk becoming that unpleasant thing they have to deal with.

Don't lose track of the bigger picture which is "Can you understand the
changelog?"  There is no such thing as a perfect patch.  This patch has
a style violation which I overlooked because it just doesn't matter.

It's discouraging to be nagged at.

dan carpenter

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