On 2018-03-02 10:29:56 [-0600], Haris Okanovic wrote:
> > Could please point me to the code/patches or something?
> I rebase onto v4.14.20-rt17, running some sanity test before reposting to ml
> (cyclictest & Anna's timertest). Will post V4 sometime today (US Central
> Time) if everything goes well.
> Are you also asking for a 4.9 version? I'm fine leaving it out of 4.9.

Hmmm. Maybe this is a form of miscommunication here :)
So my understanding is that you complain/ask why there is an older
version of the patch still in v4.9-RT:

|It was added back into 4.9 at some point after v4.9.30-rt20. I see an older
|version in v4.9.68-rt60, for example, hence my original email. It was dropped
|sometime thereafter, presumably because it no longer cleanly applies. I don't
|see it in v4.14.20-rt17, for example.

So I ask where you see the old version of your patch in v4.9-RT. Yes it
was added, then removed and it never appeared back in. However, I don't
see anymore in v4.9.68-rt60.

> -- Haris


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