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> Hi Andrew,
> This is a resurrection of a patch set from last December.  There was
> some confusion (on my behalf) as to how patches to checkpatch got into
> the mainline.  Are you willing (and able) to take patches to
> checkpatch.pl?
> Patch 1 through 3 are cleanup/refactoring patches.
> Patch 3 makes checkpatch emit a warning for usage of specifier %px.
> You may remember that the initial idea for this was from yourself, v1
> requested permission to use 'Suggested-by' tag.  I didn't get comment on
> that so v2 removed the tag.  (I'm not totally across when one should add
> the 'Suggested-by' tag.)
> v3 was an Epic fail, not testing final patch series before submission.
> Joe, I removed your 'Acked-by' tag because the patch you originally
> acked is different after rebasing.  I kept the Co-Developed-by tag
> because the code you wrote is still there I just had to massage it a bit
> since the check for deprecated %p[Ff] has been added since we did v2.

I prefer not to include tags which aren't listed in
Documentation/process/submitting-patches.rst, but I now see that some
bright spark added Co-Developed-by: to
Documentation/process/5.Posting.rst, so the two files are a)
duplicative and b) out of sync.

Co-Developed-by is a little more specific than signed-off-by, but not
usefully so, I suggest...

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