From: Maxime Chevallier <>
Date: Wed,  7 Mar 2018 15:18:02 +0100

> This series adds unicast filtering support to the Marvell PPv2 controller.
> This is implemented using the header parser cababilities of the PPv2,
> which allows for generic packet filtering based on matching patterns in
> the packet headers.
> PPv2 controller only has 256 of these entries, and we need to share them
> with other features, such as VLAN filtering.
> For each interface, we have 5 entries dedicated to unicast filtering (the
> controller's own address, and 4 other), and 21 to multicast filtering.
> When this number is reached, the controller switches to unicast or
> multicast promiscuous mode.
> The first patch reworks the function that adds and removes addresses to the
> filter. This is preparatory work to ease UC filter implementation.
> The second patch adds the UC filtering feature.

Series applied, thanks.

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