On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 3:07 PM, Dominik Brodowski
<li...@dominikbrodowski.net> wrote:
> I'm awfully sorry, but this patch doesn't solve the issue.
> CONFIG_ACPI_WMI=y was/is set, but still enabling CONFIG_DELL_SMBIOS_WMI=y
> causes a very-early crash of v4.16-rc5. In fact, so early that the normal
> boot messages never show up on the screen...

Hmm. My xps13 works fine, but it's the 9350 version so not the same machine.

But it does sound like that commit 25d47027e10 ("platform/x86:
dell-smbios: Link all dell-smbios-* modules together") should just be
reverted. It has clearly caused a lot more pain than it fixed.


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