Hello Minchan,

On (03/13/18 18:02), Minchan Kim wrote:
> Sorry for being late.
> I love this patchset! Just a minor below.


> > +   if (!huge_class_size)
> > +           huge_class_size = zs_huge_class_size();
> If it is static, we can do this in zram_init? I believe it's more readable in 
> that
> it's never changed betweens zram instances.

We need to have at least one pool, because pool decides where the
watermark is. At zram_init() stage we don't have a pool yet. We
zs_create_pool() in zram_meta_alloc() so that's why I put
zs_huge_class_size() there. I'm not in love with it, but that's
the only place where we can have it.


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