On 2018-03-12, Al Viro <v...@zeniv.linux.org.uk> wrote:
>> If someone else has grabbed a reference, it shouldn't be added to the
>> lru list. Only decremented.
>> if (entry->d_lockref.count == 1)
> Nah, better handle that in retain_dentry() itself.  See updated
> #work.dcache.
> +     if (unlikely(dentry->d_lockref.count != 1)) {
> +             dentry->d_lockref.count--;
> +     } else if (likely(!retain_dentry(dentry))) {
> +             __dentry_kill(dentry);
> +             return parent;
> +     }

Although the updated version is correct (and saves on lines of code), I
find putting the deref and lru_add code in the "true" case of
retain_dentry() to be pretty tricky. IMHO the code is easier to
understand if it looks like this:

        if (unlikely(dentry->d_lockref.count != 1)) {
        } else if (likely(!retain_dentry(dentry))) {
                return parent;
        } else {

This is what your version is doing, but that final else is hiding in the
retain_dentry() "true" case.

My suggestion is to revert 7479f57fecd2a4837b5c79ce1cf0dcf284db54be (and
then fixup dput() to deref before calling dentry_lru_add()).

> FWIW, there's another trylock loop on dentries - one in
> autofs get_next_positive_dentry().  Any plans re dealing
> with that one?

I will need to dig into it a bit deeper (I am unfamiliar with autofs),
but it looks like it is trying to do basically the same thing as the
ascend loop in d_walk().

> I'd spent the last couple of weeks (when not being too sick
> for any work) going through dcache.c and related code; hopefully
> this time I will get the documentation into postable shape ;-/

Thank you for all your help in getting these changes cleaned and
correctly implemented so quickly.

I've reviewed your latest trylock loop removal patches and found only 1
minor issue. I'll post that separately.

John Ogness

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