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On Wed, 4 Apr 2018 08:55:20 -0400, Jason Andryuk wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 3:13 PM, Andreas Radke <andy...@archlinux.org> wrote:
> > I'm faced with similar cold boot issues on my HP ProBook 430 G4 model.
> > Trying your hint with adding
> > "options i2c_i801 disable_features=0x20"
> > to /etc/modprobe.d/i2c_i801.conf doesn't seem to solve it for me.  
> Maybe verify the option is set by checking
> /sys/module/i2c_i801/parameters/disable_features ?  Looks like dmesg
> should also report "SMBus Host Notify disabled by user" when disabled.
> I run with i801 built-in, so I was specifying the option on the kernel
> command line.

Another thing to think of is that you may have to rebuild the
initrd/initramfs after editing /etc/modprobe.d/i2c_i801.conf if
i2c-i801 happens to be part of it (and make sure
that /etc/modprobe.d/i2c_i801.conf is indeed included in
initrd/initramfs then.)

> > My system boots legacy grub in text mode (KMS) and seems to keep hanging
> > even with that option set.  
> Your cold boot hang is in legacy grub itself?  Legacy grub text mode
> actually doesn't hang my G3 850 - it was switching to the graphical
> splash screen that seemed to do it.  PXE booting via F12 was another
> consistent way to hang.  It was very early in the PXE boot code -
> before it checked the link status.  So you could try that with it just
> plugged into a switch even if you don't have a PXE boot setup.
> From my previous post:
> """
> The Boot Agent hang prints "Client Mac Addr 00-11-22-33-44-55<cursor>"
> and hangs.  A normal boot prints a GUID on the same line and
> continues.
> """
> Otherwise, unfortunately, it might just be a different issue.

I recall reports about hangs when we first added support for
interrupts. I think we addressed all the bugs in this area since then
but maybe not. So you may want to try disable_features=0x30 to disable
both interrupts and SMBus Host Notify.

Jean Delvare
SUSE L3 Support

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