Quoting shinya1.tak...@toshiba.co.jp (shinya1.tak...@toshiba.co.jp):
> I am one of developers of WhiteEgret.
> > regardling the last one, do you have a plan for handling it?
> Yes, we have a plan to release WhiteEgret v4 patch with a WEUA sample of 
> access control for script programs.

Do you have a target date for posting that?

> The latest WhiteEgret cannot control script programs since script files read 
> by an interpreter are not hooked by the execve system call.
> We consider that script programs can be controlled by controlling the files 
> inputted by interpreters, accordingly. 
> We consider that the control can be realized using the read system call 
> hooking.

So you have a design for being able to differentiate the interpreters reading
versus reading with the intent to execute?  With or without their help?

> Now, we are developing WhiteEgret with the read system call hooking and WEUA 
> which controls the script files to be read to interpreters using information 
> from the read system call hooking and white list.


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