On 4/9/2018 1:07 AM, Joe Perches Wrote:
On Sun, 2018-04-08 at 10:12 +0800, Jia He wrote:
Hi Andy & Joe

Although it is minor, it is a real bug, I thought.

Is there any comment? Thank you
If you really want to do something useful here,
quote the quote characters and compare for that.

Hi Joe, thanks for the comments
I am not sure I understand you comments here.
e.g.If there is such a commit f5c1350256fb ("Revert "mm/page_alloc: fix memmap_init_zone pageblock alignment"") in the decription log.

Do you want me to quote the first match - Revert "mm/page_alloc: fix memmap_init_zone pageblock alignment" or the second one - mm/page_alloc: fix memmap_init_zone pageblock alignment ?
Thanks for more details


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