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> - Qualcomm:
> + SDM845, a.k.a Snapdragon 845, an 4+4-core Kryo 385/845
> (Cortex-A75/A55 derivative) SoC that's one of the current high-end
> mobile SoCs.
> It's great to see mainline support for it. So far, you
> can't do much with it, since a lot of peripherals are not yet in the
> DTs but driver support for USB, GPU and other pieces are starting to
> trickle in. This might end up being a well-supported SoC upstream if
> the momentum keeps up.

The wifi chip is called wcn3990 and we are working on supporting that in
ath10k. I'm hoping to get it ready for v4.19.

Kalle Valo

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