Good turnout and some good questions here in Vancouver BC, please see
below for rough notes.  ;-)

                                                        Thanx, Paul


"Concurrency with tools/memory-model"

Andrea Parri presenting.

Rough notes of Q&A.

o       Want atomic bit operation.

o       But smp_read_barrier_depends() not there, so how to note pairing?
        A:  Note the dependency as the other end of the pairing.

o       Speculation barriers, as in Spectre and Meltdown?  A: This would
        require adding timing, not in the immediate future.

o       What ordering does system calls provide?  A: None that we know of.
        Boqun: Userspace needs to explicitly provide the needed ordering
        when interacting with the kernel.  Some architectures do provide
        full barriers, but not to be counted on.

o       Why herd7?  A: Based on other formalizations -- note that herd7
        had a number of hardware models.  Paul: Plus the founder of the
        LKMM project is a co-author of herd, which might have had some

o       Why not also model interrupts and NMIs?  Promela and spin have
        been used for this.  A: Cannot currently model them.  You can
        emulated them with additional threads and locks, if you wish.
        Vincent Nimal and Lihao Liang have done some academic work on
        these topics.

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