On Tue, Jun 16, 2020 at 11:27:18AM +0530, Syed Nayyar Waris wrote:


> Regarding the compilation warning reported above:
> "sparse: shift too big (64) for type unsigned long" at line 639
> "sparse: invalid access past the end of 'old' (8 8)" at line 638
> Kindly refer to the code above, at these line numbers.
> I am in the process of fixing this warning. But what would be the fix?
> ? At the moment can't think of a code-fix to make the compilation
> warning disappear (specially at line 639). Can anyone please explain
> to me the meaning of the compilation warning more deeply?

This error message is caused by sparse doing the check too early.
There is thus nothing to be fixed for it in this code.

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-- Luc

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