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Hi Sameer

PCM devices are created for dai links with 'no-pcm' flag as '0'.
Such DAI links have CPU component which implement pcm_construct()
and pcm_destruct() callbacks. Based on this, current patch exposes
a helper function to identify such components and populate 'no_pcm'
flag for DPCM DAI link.

This helps to have BE<->BE component links where PCM devices need
not be created for CPU components involved in the links.

Signed-off-by: Sameer Pujar <spu...@nvidia.com>
+bool soc_component_is_pcm(struct snd_soc_dai_link_component *dlc)
+     struct snd_soc_component *component;
+     struct snd_soc_dai *dai;
+     for_each_component(component) {
+             if (!component->driver)
+                     continue;
+             for_each_component_dais(component, dai) {
+                     if (!dai->name || !dlc->dai_name)
+                             continue;
+                     if (strcmp(dai->name, dlc->dai_name))
+                             continue;
+                     if (component->driver->pcm_construct)
+                             return true;
+             }
+     }
+     return false;
At least my CPU driver doesn't use component:pcm_construct
but is using DAI:pcm_new for some reasons.
I'm not sure checking DAI:pcm here is enough, or not...

OK. If adding DAI:pcm_new above here is not sufficient, then a flag can be used to describe FE component? or is there a better alternative?

Thank you for your help !!

Best regards
Kuninori Morimoto

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