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Even with this patch applied,  VOL_DIRTY remains until synced in the above
It's not  easy to reproduce as rmdir, but I'll try to fix it in the future.

I think it's not a problem not to clear VOL_DIRTY under real errors,
because VOL_DIRTY is just like a hint to note that write was not finished 

If you mean there are more situation like ENOTEMPTY you mentioned,
please make new patch to fix them.

When should VOL_DIRTY be cleared?

The current behavior is ...

Case of  mkdir, rmdir, rename:
  - set VOL_DIRTY before operation
  - set VOL_CLEAN after operating.
In async mode, it is actually written to the media after 30 seconds.

Case of  cp, touch:
  - set VOL_DIRTY before operation
  - however, VOL_CLEAN is not called in this context.
VOL_CLEAN will call by sync_fs or unmount.

I added VOL_CLEAN in last of __exfat_write_inode() and exfat_map_cluster().
As a result, VOL_DIRTY is cleared with cp and touch.
However, when copying a many files ...
 - Async mode: VOL_DIRTY is written to the media twice every 30 seconds.
 - Sync mode: Of course,  VOL_DIRTY and VOL_CLEAN to the media for each file.

Frequent writing VOL_DIRTY and VOL_CLEAN  increases the risk of boot-sector 
If the boot-sector corrupted, it causes the following serious problems  on some 
 - misjudge as unformatted
 - can't judge as exfat
 - can't repair

I want to minimize boot sector writes, to reduce these risk.

I looked vfat/udf implementation, which manages similar dirty information on 
and found that they ware mark-dirty at mount and cleared at unmount.

Here are some ways to clear VOL_DIRTY.

(A) VOL_CLEAN after every write operation.
  :-) Ejectable at any time after a write operation.
  :-( Many times write to Boot-sector.

(B) dirty at mount, clear at unmount (same as vfat/udf)
  :-) Write to boot-sector twice.
  :-( It remains dirty unless unmounted.
  :-( Write to boot-sector even if there is no write operation. 

(C) dirty on first write operation, clear on unmount
  :-) Writing to boot-sector is minimal.
  :-) Will not write to the boot-sector if there is no write operation.
  :-( It remains dirty unless unmounted.

(D) dirty on first write operation,  clear on sync-fs/unmount
 :-) Writing to boot-sector can be reduced.
 :-) Will not write to the boot-sector if there is no write operation.
 :-) sync-fs makes it clean and ejectable immidiately.
 :-( It remains dirty unless sync-fs or unmount.
 :-( Frequent sync-fs will  increases writes to boot-sector.

I think it should be (C) or(D).
What do you think?

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