On Fri, 2023-09-22 at 20:06 -0700, Haitao Huang wrote:
> From: Sean Christopherson <sean.j.christopher...@intel.com>
> When an OOM event occurs, all pages associated with an enclave will need
> to be freed, including pages that are not currently tracked by the
> cgroup LRU lists.

What are "cgroup LRU lists"?

> Add a new "unreclaimable" list to the sgx_epc_lru_lists struct and
> update the "sgx_record/drop_epc_pages()" functions for adding/removing
> VA and SECS pages to/from this "unreclaimable" list.

Sorry I don't follow the logic between the two paragraphs.

What is the exact problem?  How does the new "unreclaimable" list solve the

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