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When an OOM event occurs, all pages associated with an enclave will need
to be freed, including pages that are not currently tracked by the
cgroup LRU lists.

What are "cgroup LRU lists"?

Will reword it. At them moment there is only one global sgx_epc_lru_lists.

Add a new "unreclaimable" list to the sgx_epc_lru_lists struct and
update the "sgx_record/drop_epc_pages()" functions for adding/removing
VA and SECS pages to/from this "unreclaimable" list.

Sorry I don't follow the logic between the two paragraphs.

What is the exact problem? How does the new "unreclaimable" list solve the

Currently they are not tracked in a list managed by the ksgxd (future cgroup worker). So add a list to track them.

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