Xen schreef op 17-09-2016 16:16:

I just won't be able to use the old system until I change it back.
Time to test, isn't it.

Indeed both Linux and Windows have no issues with the new disk, I think.

I was making a backup onto a bigger-sized disk, but neither Windows nor Linux have an issue with it. They just see the old partition table of the old disk and are fine with that.

Now I only need to know if the Linux system will run with the new disk, but I'm sure there won't be issues there now. The system is not actually *on* that disk.

Call it a data disk for an SSD system.

So perhaps you can see why I would want to have the two disks loaded at the same time:

- if they work, I can copy data even after the DD (perhaps, to make some rsync copy as you indicate) but now I already have all the required structures (partition tables...) without any work.

- I wasn't actually yet done with the old disk. This was also just research. Better make a backup first before you finalize things. I want to do more work on the "old" system before I finalize things. But having a backup sitting there that I can use is a plus. Having to not be able to use both disks at the same time is a huge detriment. It is also not that hard now to change the system back but I still don't know how I can manually change the UUIDs that a VG/LV references. It is a huge plus if I can just exchange one PV with another at will.

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