Le lundi 17 octobre 2016 à 13:37 +0200, Hans Verkuil a écrit :
> 1.5 Requests vs. w/o requests
> There are three options for drivers w.r.t. the request API:
> 1) The driver doesn't use the request API
> 2) The driver requires the request API
> 3) The request API is optional.
> It is not clear at this stage if 3 is ever needed. So for now just
> add a capability
> flag for "requests required". And add a "requests supported with
> legacy" flag later
> on if needed.

Simply adding a new flag will make both state-less and current CODEC
M2M drivers look the same. This will likely trick existing generic code
into trying those stateless decoder.

For backward compatibility, we need to replace an existing
categorization flag, like STREAMING or similar.


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