hermann pitton a écrit :

Hi Thomas,
Hi  Hermann,
thanks for informations ...
This card is not mine so physically inspect it is not possible and the owner is at 700 kms from me...
However, it seems there is only one hybrid tuner. The card is referenced as
AR307 rev N (seen on photos) and i found a link about this card :

yes, if another one is not at the backisde, under the huge shielding of
the frontside is only one.

searching on LR307, i found a previous mail where you talked about a LR307- rev q

The bttv-gallery.de has a LR307 Revision Q too. It has an extra sticker
for some LNA version on it. Also gpio init and eeprom data differ.

I modified a little the patch found in this mail (subvendor) and i have partial result :
- dvb tune work partially, not all channels are found
- dvb channel in kaffeine works (image and sound) for few seconds and then nothing

Then at least some little progress with antenna_config = 2 and gpio 21
high for RF routing for DVB it seems.

- nothing for analogic stations

That's a little strange somehow, since if only one RF connector and no
radio, RF for analog should come through as well, because gpio 21 was
high in that test patch for analog TV too.

Maybe some unknown LNA circuitry.

with others cards like 81,104,105 and 109, same results, kaffeine works and then hangs

With the HVR1110 you have a card with LNA config = 1 there, known issues
with that on some Pinnacle 310i, a older setup did exist.
What do you want to help this card to be supported ?

Hard to say, but since the hvr1110 does not have the antenna_switch = 2
and the RF input routing, you also did not really test &tda827x_cfg_1

Might be worth a try.


Thanks in advance



Hi Hermann,

We will try what you suggest.

2 things :

- when kaffeine hangs , the owner try the analogic part with kdetv , no results, but after that, trying kaffeine, dvb works for another few seconds and so on ...

-we replace tda10046.fw by tda10046livefiew and before rev in log was 20 with 3 attempts, after, rev 23 at the first time

Will post dmesg with gpio-tracking


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