On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 9:59 AM, Patrick Boettcher
<pboettc...@kernellabs.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to start a discussion which ideally results in either changing
> the SCM of v4l-dvb to git _or_ leaving everything as it is today with
> mercurial.
> To start right away: I'm in favour of using GIT because of difficulties I
> have with my "daily" work with v4l-dvb. It is in my nature do to mistakes,
> so I need a tool which assists me in fixing those, I have not found a simple
> way to do my stuff with HG.
> I'm helping out myself using a citation from which basically describes why
> GIT fits the/my needs better than HG (*):
> "The culture of mercurial is one of immutability. This is quite a good
> thing, and it's one of my favorite aspects of gnu arch. If I commit
> something, I like to know that it's going to be there. Because of this,
> there are no tools to manipulate history by default.
> git is all about manipulating history. There's rebase, commit amend,
> reset, filter-branch, and probably other commands I'm not thinking of,
> many of which make it into day-to-day workflows. Then again, there's
> reflog, which adds a big safety net around this mutability."
> The first paragraph here describes exactly my problem and the second
> descibes how to solve it.
> My suggestion is not to have the full Linux Kernel source as a new base for
> v4l-dvb development, but "only" to replace the current v4l-dvb hg with a GIT
> one. Importing all the history and everything.
> Unfortunately it will change nothing for Mauro's job.
> I also understand that it does not give a lot to people who haven't used GIT
> until now other than a new SCM to learn. But believe me, once you've done a
> rebase when Mauro has asked you to rebuild your tree before he can merge it,
> you will see what I mean.
> I'm waiting for comments.

I prefer git myself, but I'm not really actively working on v4l at the
moment, so, I leave it up to the active devs.  One nice thing about
git is the ability to maintain patch authorship.

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