On Tue, 1 Dec 2009, Patrick Boettcher wrote:
> To start right away: I'm in favour of using GIT because of difficulties I
> have with my "daily" work with v4l-dvb. It is in my nature do to mistakes,
> so I need a tool which assists me in fixing those, I have not found a
> simple way to do my stuff with HG.

Try the mq extension.  It's included by default with mercurial, you just
need to add:
to your .hgrc file.  It lets you maintain a stack of patches that you can
freely push and pop.  You can make changes and then commit them to one of
the existing patches.  Like git commit -amend, except you can amend any
patch not just the last one.  IMHO, it's better than stock git when you're
trying to make a good patch series.  There is something called stgit which
is very much like mq and a little better I think.
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