On 12/2/09 12:30 PM, Jon Smirl wrote:
(for each remote/substream that they can recognize).
>>  I'm assuming that, by remote, you're referring to a remote receiver (and 
not to
>>  the remote itself), right?
>  If we could separate by remote transmitter that would be the best I
>  think, but I understand that it is rarely possible?
The code I posted using configfs did that. Instead of making apps IR
aware it mapped the vendor/device/command triplets into standard Linux
keycodes.  Each remote was its own evdev device.

Note, of course, that you can only do that iff each remote uses distinct triplets. A good portion of mythtv users use a universal of some sort, programmed to emulate another remote, such as the mce remote bundled with mceusb transceivers, or the imon remote bundled with most imon receivers. I do just that myself.

Personally, I've always considered the driver/interface to be the receiver, not the remote. The lirc drivers operate at the receiver level, anyway, and the distinction between different remotes is made by the lirc daemon.

For IR to "just work" the irrecord training process needs be
eliminated for 90% of users.

Pretty sure that's already the case. I have upwards of 20 remotes and 15 receivers. I've had to run irrecord maybe two times in five years to get any of them working. The existing lirc remote database is fairly extensive.

Jarod Wilson
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