Jarod Wilson wrote:
> On Dec 2, 2009, at 4:12 PM, Trent Piepho wrote:
>> On Wed, 2 Dec 2009, Jarod Wilson wrote:
>>>>> My main point is that each of these devices has device ID that can be 
>>>>> determined without having to first do some protocol analysis and table 
>>>>> lookups to figure out which "device" some random IR input is actually 
>>>>> coming from.
>>>> Heh, right back at ya ;) The fact that you need to do some more work
>>>> to separate 2 physical devices does not mean it should not be done.
>>> No, but it means added complexity inside the kernel. I'm questioning 
>>> whether the added complexity is worth it, when I doubt the vast majority of 
>>> users would take advantage of it, and it can already be done in userspace. 
>>> Although... Damn. The userspace approach would only work if the device were 
>>> passing raw IR to userspace, so in the in-kernel decoding case, yeah, I 
>>> guess you'd need separate input devices for each remote to use them 
>>> independently. Meh. Doubt I'd ever use it, but I guess I'll concede that it 
>>> makes some sense to do the extra work.
>> You just need to send a tuple that contrains the keycode plus some kind of
>> id for the remote it came from.  That's what I did for lirc, it decodes the
>> sparc/mark into a remote id and key code tuple.  It's certainly a common
>> thing to want.  Anyone who has existing remotes and components that use
>> them would want it.
> What for, exactly?
>> You don't want your computer turning off when you push
>> the power button on the DVD player's remote, do you?
> No, I don't.

In this specific case, IMO, the default keytables should map the power button 
> Perhaps we should clarify something here. Are we intending to auto-create 
> a new input device for every IR command set we see arrive at the IR receiver? 
> I've been assuming we're not going to willy-nilly just auto-create a new 
> device
> for every IR signal we happen to catch passing by. The receiver should only 
> be passing along input events for the codeset/remote I've told it to listen
> for (which by default, is the codes for the receiver's bundled remote).

Yes, but several bundled IR's have a power button. By default, it doesn't make 
to use it to turn the machine off, so KEY_POWER2 is a good option.

> Otherwise, yeah, I'm going to wind up with my htpc powering off when
> I hit the button on my harmony remote that is supposed to turn off my tv and 
> amp.

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