Patrick Boettcher wrote:
> Hi Mauro,
> please pull from
> for the following changeset:
> DiB8090: Add the DiB0090 tuner driver and STK8096GP-board
> This is the adding support for the DiB809x-device you were asking 2
> weeks ago. If possible, please include it into the patches which will go
> for 2.6.33 .
> This repo also includes the changesets which were in my previous pull
> request.
Hi Patrick,

In the last patch, returned:

total: 134 errors, 220 warnings, 3291 lines checked

Would it be possible to correct the CodingStyle errors on it? There are lots of 
comments that aren't following C99 specs. Also, some code is indented with 4 
instead of tabs, making really hard to read the code, among several other 

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