Hi Mauro,

On Sat, 5 Dec 2009, Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:

Patrick Boettcher wrote:
Hi Mauro,

please pull from


for the following changeset:

DiB8090: Add the DiB0090 tuner driver and STK8096GP-board

This is the adding support for the DiB809x-device you were asking 2
weeks ago. If possible, please include it into the patches which will go
for 2.6.33 .

This repo also includes the changesets which were in my previous pull

Hi Patrick,

In the last patch, checkpatch.pl returned:

total: 134 errors, 220 warnings, 3291 lines checked

Would it be possible to correct the CodingStyle errors on it? There are lots of
comments that aren't following C99 specs. Also, some code is indented with 4 
instead of tabs, making really hard to read the code, among several other 

I committed and pushed the patch from Olivier which fixes most of the Codingstyle violations (all of them except 80 char/line).

I didn't see them in the first place, because it seems the 'make commit' does not use a built-in checkpatch.pl if it does not find one in /usr/src . This is a new (maybe buggy) behaviour.

Still, if you take a look at dib0090.c you will find it odd. Why? Because as usual the DiBcom drivers are generated from internal source code by a script. This is done to keep in sync drivers in development and Linux easier. If someone has a problem with the dib-drivers he should contact DiBcom rather than trying to hack his solution (especially when it's about performance or other reception related problem) into the driver.

I'm sorry that the drivers delivered like that are ugly from the artistic point-of-view, but that's the only way I have today to deliver drivers at all.

Please pull now from


best regards,

Patrick http://www.kernellabs.com/
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