Now that DVB-T is finally available in my town, I would like to ask for
help to make my AverMedia HybridExpress (A577) work under Linux.

This is the information I have gathered so far:

Main chips are the following (see
http://www.ixbt.com/monitor/aver-hybrid-express.shtml for pictures, the
page is in Russian though):

cx23885 (PCIe A/V decoder)
xc3028  (hybrid tuner)
af9013  (demod)

all of these individual chips are already supported under Linux, only
the "glue" is missing between them, I think.

I've also got an A885VCap.inf file (which is some 3164 lines long,
that's why I don't attach it here except if requested), along with other
files (a885vcap.cat, A885VCap.sys, cpnotify.ax, cxtvrate.dll, but also
merlinC.rom and cx416enc.rom) from the Windows driver pack. I don't know
if all of these are really needed, especially cx416enc.rom, since this
card is not supposed to have a hardware A/V encoder.

I would like to ask for help, what is the next step I should take in
order to make this card work?


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