After some work I have finally gotten the analog inputs to work with the Kworld 
315U device.  I have attached the changes/updates to the em28xx driver. Note: I 
still don't have analog sound working yet..

I am hoping someone can comment on the changes in saa7115.c.  I added a s_power 
routine to reinitialize the device.  The reason I am reinitializing this device 
is because

1. I cannot keep both the LG demod and the SAA powered on at the same time for 
my device

2. The SAA datasheet seems to suggest that after a reset/power-on the chip 
needs to be reinitialized.  

3. Reinitializing causes the analog inputs to work correctly. 

Here's what is says in the SAA7113 datasheet.. 
Status after power-on
control sequence

VPO7 to VPO0, RTCO, RTS0 and RTS1
are held in high-impedance state

after power-on (reset
sequence) a complete
I2C-bus transmission is
The above is really suppose to be arranged horizontally in 3 columns.  Anyways, 
the last part describes that "a complete I2C bus transmission is required"  
This is why I think the chip needs to be reinitialized.  

Last thing is that the initialization routing uses these defaults:

       state->bright = 128;
       state->contrast = 64;
       state->hue = 0;
       state->sat = 64;

I was wondering if we should just read the back the values that were 
initialized by the initialization routine and use those values instead.The 
reason is because it seems like the different SAA's use slightly different 
values when initializing.  

Franklin Meng


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