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> This series enables the post-processor support available
> on the Hantro G1 VPU. The post-processor block can be
> pipelined with the decoder hardware, allowing to perform
> operations such as color conversion, scaling, rotation,
> cropping, among others.
> The decoder hardware needs its own set of NV12 buffers
> (the native decoder format), and the post-processor is the
> owner of the CAPTURE buffers. This allows the application
> get processed (scaled, converted, etc) buffers, completely
> transparently.
> This feature is implemented by exposing other CAPTURE pixel
> formats to the application (ENUM_FMT). When the application
> sets a pixel format other than NV12, the driver will enable
> and use the post-processor transparently.

I'll try to review the series a bit later, but a general comment here
is that the userspace wouldn't have a way to distinguish between the
native and post-processed formats. I'm pretty much sure that
post-processing at least imposes some power penalty, so it would be
good if the userspace could avoid it if unnecessary.

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