I'm really pissed that whenever I try to find a TV-USB-stick (analog in my 
case), it's not in the shops any longer or it's not listed on the linuxtv 
validated sticks. The names of the USB sticks are only slightly changed, which 
may mean, this is only a rebranding or a completely new hardware (even without 
name change). Therefore is the support for these sticks kind of a lottery and 
one first have to buy them, check the USB id and whether it's supported or not. 
Seems, that the product cycles are too short for us linux-users :(

Ok, genug gekotzt, now to the facts: I've purchased the USB-stick TerraTec 
Cinergy Hybrid Stick, although it's a little older (1/2 year) it is still in 
the shops.

Vendor: TerraTec
Model: Cinergy Hybrid Stick
Vendor/Product ID: 0ccd:00a5
Supports DVB-T and Analog Cable (tested already successful on Windows)

I'm using the latest snapshot of v4l-dvb (incl. experimental driver) on Ubuntu 

Tests made: 
- plug in and out into USB 2.0 slot
Only the message appears in dmesg, that an USB device is connected or 
disconnected when pluggin in or out. When loading the driver by hand (i've 
tried em28xx) there is nothing which relates to this stick: The driver will not 
unload when unplugging the stick, nor loaded when the stick is plugged in.

To be honest I have no clue, what kind of chips are used in there and which one 
to load - that does not happen automatically.

My question now is: is it worth trying to have a look at this hardware since 
there already seem to be some in the field? Or is it working and I don't know? 
Or has everybody already given up?

Thanks for help. I'm also open for providing some information and tests with 
this stick if anybody is interested in it.


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