On 21/11/2010 19:48, Robert Longbottom wrote:
On 21/11/2010 19:23, Andre wrote:

On 21 Nov 2010, at 17:23, Robert Longbottom wrote:

Oh, I also get the three extra dvb adapters, in my case 1,2& 3. (I
already have two other dvb cards in this box that take 0 and 4) Thats
using these module parameters:

That's definitely odd, it's the ngene that's generating them not any
of the other cards I have. I just managed to get everything to fit in
the default 8 adaptors, I can't use one_adaptor=1 as dvbloopback
doesn't work with that.

Yes, it's definitely ngene thats creating them, because if I rmmod it,
then they dissapear. My other two cards use other drivers.

The extra nodes seem to be a harmless oddity and this driver is a
massive improvement, big thank you to Oliver.

Indeed, they don't seem to break anything or stop the Satix card from
working. And yes, this driver is a massive improvement in terms of being
able to use both tuners.

Report back in a few days, my system records ~ 10 hours of HD a day,
small percentage of which I actually watch so it should get a workout.

I've run a few tests this evening with MythTv recording up to 6
simultaneous programs across the two tuners on the Satix and it seems to
be holding up so far. A mixture of SD and HD. It did have a couple of
instances where it didn't immediately get a lock on a couple of channels
when I was surfing livetv, but I'm willing to put that down to just
bedding in for now.

I'm just debating whether to leave it as the active card and see how it
gets on. Assuming it manages this evenings recordings ok, I think I will
probably will.

Well, I did leave it as the active (and only) card in my MythTV box and it's been working fine for a week now doing my usual recording schedule across both inputs. I've not seen any failed recordings, or any problems with the recordings it's made.

So it seems that it is working fine now. I still have the problem with the additional dvb adapters, but they don't seem to be causing a problem so far as I can tell.

Thanks go to Oliver for these drivers - hopefully we can see these changes in the kernel sometime soon :-)

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