CX23102 + TDA18211 (== DVB-T only version of TDA18271)

Maybe someone have better knowledge about that as I am not any familiar with CX23102 nor analog TV side.


On 10/09/2011 03:56 AM, Ling Sequera wrote:
I try to post this at
<>, but the system rejects the
sending, Excuse me for send this to you, I have understood that you are
one of the developers of the tda18271 module.

I have a "Mygica u719c usb analog tv stick", lsusb output identify this
device as: "ID 1f4d:0237 G-Tek Electronics Group". Googling, I found
that this device is the same "Iconbit Analog Stick U100 FM
which has support in the kernel since version 3.0 as shown here
<>. I opened the
device to corfirm this information, and effectively, it has to chips,
the demod Conexan "CX23102" and the DVB-T tuner NPX "TDA-18211". I
installed the precompiled version of kernel 3.0.4, and the device was
reconized, but only works in the modes: composite and s-video. I check
the source code and I found that it don't support tv tuner mode
(.tuner_type=TUNER_ABSENT in 513 line of the cx231xx-cards.c
source file), I want to add support for this. The TDA-18211 tuner has
support in the kernel in the module tda18271 according to the thread of
this mailing list
<>. I
have never written a module, but I have basic knowledge in C, so I need
a book, reference, api, or something, to write the missing code to add
support for this device as tv tuner. Also I need help understanding how
to read usb-snoop log files and identify the necessary parameters for
configure the code. Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

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