I am working on modifying the DTS and DTSI files for the LogicPD Torpedo which 
Tony added in Kernel 4.2

There was a flurry of activity earlier this year regarding device tree bindings 
for the shared transport and using the Bluetooth with it as seen here:

I was able to get the Logic PD device to work with Bluetooth and the Shared 
Transport using the instructions found

When I attempted to submit patches for the btwilink, the check script noted 
that the documentation for btwlink and shared transport bindings were missing.  
It seems like there might be a new way to attach the BTWILINK to the UART, but 
I wasn't sure if there was a better solution available yet.

I also noticed that using the shared transport mechanism in 4.2.x worked, but 
trying the same method in 4.3 resulted in a segmentation fault.  Does anyone 
have any updated instructions for the proper way to use the BTWILINK?

Thank you,

Adam Ford  //  Sr. Apps Engineer
Logic PD
411 Washington Ave N, Suite 400  
Minneapolis, MN 55401
M // 612.246.6391
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F // 612.672.6489  
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