On 18/12/15 15:53, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> Hi,
> * Tomi Valkeinen <tomi.valkei...@ti.com> [151218 00:55]:
>> Hi Tony,
>> I've just pushed a patch series to fbdev for-next branch which makes the
>> OMAP DRM and FB drivers independent of each other. This requires
>> changing the related Kconfig options.
> OK

Note that nothing has changed with omapfb and omapdrm as such. The only
(visible) change is the needed Kconfig options.

>> What should I do with omap2plus_defconfig?
>> At the moment omap2plus_defconfig enables the omapfb driver and panels
>> as modules. Should I change it to do the same with the new code? Or
>> should I change it to use omapdrm, which is the better maintained and
>> developed driver (although no one has probably tried omapdrm on omap2)?
> I'm all for changing omap2plus_defconfnig to use omapdrm.
> Do you have a link to a page we can point people to for instructions
> for what needs to be changed to get things working with omapdrm?

Are you referring to Kconfig options? Or userspace?

But no, I don't have links to either.

For the Kconfig options, it's pretty similar to omapfb. After the
patches I'm pushing, one needs to enable DRM, DRM_OMAP, and then the
individual panel/encoder drivers (as for omapfb).

> For omap2, I can try to peek into my rack for n800.

There were a few fixes sent a few days ago which are needed for OMAP2/3.
I think both are now in Linus' tree.


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