On 18/12/15 16:03, Adam Ford wrote:
> Tomi,
> I'd like to also test the LogicPD Torpedo which has been using the FB
> drivers until this point. I just pushed some LCD info for inclusion in
> 4.5, but if I need to make changes, I'd like to do that sooner than

The DT data is the same for omapfb and omapdrm, so no changes needed.

> later.  Any insturctions would be helpful.  Will this impact people
> who use the SGX drivers?

I'm no expert, but... Yes, I think so. If you were using SGX driver with
some additional omapfb patches, it won't work with omapdrm.

omapdrm + SGX works, but it's a bit tricky setup (need extra kernel
patches, specific userspace libs...). I hope we'll get the SGX side
sorted out during the first quarter, which should make omapdrm + SGX
much easier to get running.


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