On 01/01/16 14:01, Pali Rohár wrote:
> Hi Tomi! Can you review this patch? It is waiting here for two years!
> On Thursday 26 December 2013 00:12:39 Ivaylo Dimitrov wrote:
>> From: Ivaylo Dimitrov <freemangor...@abv.bg>
>> On memory limited devices, CMA fails easily when asked to allocate
>> big chunks of memory like framebuffer memory needed for video
>> playback.
>> Add boot parameter "omapfb_memsize" which allocates memory to be used
>> as dma coherent memory, so dma_alloc_attrs won't hit CMA allocator
>> when trying to allocate memory for the framebuffers

We probably need exactly the same for omapdrm, as omapfb is on the way
to being deprecated. And sounds to me that we probably need similar for
other devices which try to do large allocations (camera? video decoders?).

So I really think this should be somehow be a general option for any device.

I also wonder if CMA can be improved to not need anything like this? If
you just increase the CMA area, won't that increase the chances CMA will


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