Hi Tomi,

On  4.01.2016 13:37, Tomi Valkeinen wrote:

We probably need exactly the same for omapdrm, as omapfb is on the way
to being deprecated. And sounds to me that we probably need similar for
other devices which try to do large allocations (camera? video decoders?).

Re omapdrm - I guess it wouldn't be hard for omapdrm to use the same preallocated memory, when/if it is needed. Though I know nothing about omapdrm, so can't really tell.

If not mistaken, camera driver uses sg lists. DSP needs such a memory, but anyway it(driver) was removed from mainline, with no signs/hope to be returned anytime soon.

So I really think this should be somehow be a general option for any device.

Then maybe add the relevant people in CC, so we to start some kind of discussion. But until such a general option exists, I think it makes sense to apply the $subject patch, we can easily fix it to use whatever general purpose API might the discussion come up with. As it is now, omapfb simply cannot be used to play any video with sane resolution (without preallocated memory that is), unless this is the only thing the device does. And even then it is not assured.

I also wonder if CMA can be improved to not need anything like this? If
you just increase the CMA area, won't that increase the chances CMA will

The short answer is no, at least not with the CMA code currently upstream. A kind of a long answer could be found on http://marc.info/?l=linux-mm&m=141571797202006&w=2

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