On  6.01.2016 19:47, Tony Lindgren wrote:
* Sebastian Reichel <s...@kernel.org> [160106 09:41]:

On Tue, Jan 05, 2016 at 02:49:29PM -0800, Tony Lindgren wrote:
Commit 63aa945b1013 ("memory: omap-gpmc: Add Kconfig option for debug")
unified the GPMC debug for the SoCs with GPMC. The commit also left
out the option for HWMOD_INIT_NO_RESET as we now require proper timings
for GPMC to be able to remap GPMC devices out of address 0.

Unfortunately on 900, onenand now only partially works with the device

You may want to change 900 to n900 (maybe even Nokia N900) before
actually committing this.

Thanks will do.


Unfortunately, it seems there is more to be fixed. It booted several times to the userspace, but after a couple of shutdowns, rootfs became corrupted again. I flashed, installed linux 4.4, but the same happened after the first shutdown with 4.4:

<5>[    8.159179] UBIFS (ubi0:0): background thread "ubifs_bgt0_0" stops
<3>[ 8.184631] UBIFS error (ubi0:0 pid 1): ubifs_read_node: bad node type (255 but expected 9) <3>[ 8.197937] UBIFS error (ubi0:0 pid 1): ubifs_read_node: bad node at LEB 1934:6936, LEB mapping status 0
<3:[    8.216522] Not a node, first 24 bytes:
<3>[ 8.220520] 00000000: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ........................
<4>[    8.247772] CPU: 0 PID: 1 Comm: swapper Not tainted 4.4.0-rc7+ #4
<4>[    8.258911] Hardware name: Nokia RX-51 board
<4>[ 8.268096] [<c0013a98>] (unwind_backtrace) from Y<c0011db8>] (show_stack+0x10/0x14) <4>[ 8.281097] [<c0011db8>] (show_stack) from [<c01aa7b4>] (ubifs_read_node+0x29c/0x2d4) <4>[ 8.294097] [<c01aa7b4>] (ubifs_read_node) from [<c01b2ae0>] (dbg_old_index_check_init+0x60/0x9c) <4>[ 8.308258] [<c01b2ae0>] (dbg_old_index_check_init) from [<c01a6d00>] (ubifs_mount+0xd90/0x15f0) <4>[ 8.322357] [<c01a6d00>] (ubifs_mount) from [<c00df77c>] (mount_fs+0x70/0x148) <4>[ 8.334747] [<c00df77c>] (mount_fs) from [<c00f86bc>] (vfs_kern_mount+0x4c/0x110) <4>[ 8.347412] [<c00f86bc>] (vfs_kern_mount) from [<c00fb5c4>] (do_mount+0xadc/0xc34) <4>[ 8.360168] [<c00fb5c4>] (do_mount) from [<c00fb940>] (SyS_mount+0x70/0x9c) <4>[ 8.372253] [<c00fb940>] (SyS_mount) from [<c0602038>] (mount_block_root+0xf0/0x28c) <4>[ 8.385162] [<c0602038>] (mount_block_root) from [<c06023b8>] (prepare_namespace+0x88/0x1bc) <4>[ 8.398834] [<c06023b8>] (prepare_namespace) from [<c0601df4>] (kernel_init_freeable+0x178/0x1c4) <4>[ 8.412963] [<c0601df4>] (kernel_init_freeabme) from [<c04375d8>] (kernel_init+0x8/0xe4) <4>[ 8.426300] [<c04375d8>] (kernel_init) from [<c000f098>] (ret_from_fork+0x14/0x3c)

(Pali, sorry for not having time to read the kernel docs re e-mail clients :) )
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