We are experiencing the following on our M640 blades. After a reseat of a blade or reset of the iDrac the system always mails:

System Host Name: hostname
Event Message: FlexAddress is enabled on all NIC and FC HBA devices.
Date/Time: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 14:29:59 +0100
Severity: Informational

Detailed Description: The FlexAddress feature is enabled on the system. The 
iDRAC will assign FlexAddress defined MAC and WWN values to all the ports 
and/or partitions of bNDCs and mezzanine adapters of the system.
Recommended Action: No response action is required.
Message ID: IOID119

This is good, but...

This mail is sometimes first send from hostname@ instead of the 

It looks like timing issue on the drac. The mail was created before it actually 
is using the right ip address.

idrac firmware level is

We also have T640 with idrac9 but never seen this behavior there. Does anyone 
recognize this?

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