I'm trying to deploy PE servers (Rx30s and C6320s) via PXE in UEFI
boot mode, without success.

The servers PXE-boot just fine when configured in BIOS boot mode, but
switching to UEFI apparently makes the initial DHCP request timeout,
and generate a PXE-E18 Server Response Timeout error.

Looking at the network traffic, I see just 2 DHCP frames in the
initial exchange:
1. DHCP Discovery from the server
2. DHCP Offer from the DHCP/TFTP server

And then nothing else, as if the PXE-booting server never received the
DHCP Offer, or at least didn't act on it.

Again, the exact same setup works flawlessly when the PXE-booting node
is in BIOS boot mode.

Both the Ethernet switches and DHCP servers are configured to use
Jumbo Frames (MTU 9000). I know that other vendors have released fixes
in their UEFI network stack in the past to fix issues related to that,
but I don't have any evidence that jumbo frames are involved here.

Anyway, has anybody ever observed the same behavior?


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