>>>>> "Tejun" == Tejun Heo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Tejun> Would it be better for md to listen to
    Tejun> hotplug events and auto-remove dead devices or is it
    Tejun> something which belongs to userland?

>From my perspective (User+Admin), I'd _very much_ like to have
(physically) removed disks be removed by md.

This would greatly help me when a disk fails on any of my systems.
They are all SPARC's (with a few x86). None of which have any
monitor attached. The x86's have, but that monitor is a couple of
hundred meters away...

So when I change drive, I first have to telnet into the terminal
switch port for that machine, do the mdadm commands. Then physically
change the drive. Then back to a machine and telnet back in to the
machine and hot-add the disk....

Granted, it don't take that much time, but it's a couple of extra
steps (literally :) that I'd prefer not to do/take...
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