Justin Piszcz wrote:

Or is there a better way to do this, does parted handle this situation better?

What is the best (and correct) way to calculate stripe-alignment on the RAID5 device itself?

Does this also apply to Linux/SW RAID5? Or are there any caveats that are not taken into account since it is based in SW vs. HW?


In case of SW or HW raid, when you place raid aware filesystem directly on it, I don't see any potential poblems

Also, if md's superblock version/placement actually mattered, it'd be pretty strange. The space available for actual use - be it partitions or filesystem directly - should be always nicely aligned. I don't know that for sure though.

If you use SW partitionable raid, or HW raid with partitions, then you would
have to align it on a chunk boundary manually. Any selfrespecting os shouldn't complain a partition doesn't start on cylinder boundary these days. LVM can complicate life a bit too - if you want it's volumes to be chunk-aligned.

With NTFS the problem is, that it's not aware of underlaying raid in any way. It starts with 16 sectors long boot sector, somewhat compatible with ancient FAT. My blind guess would be to try to align the very first sector of $Mft with your chunk. Also, mentioned bootsector is also referenced as $Boot, thus I don't know if large cluster won't automatically extend it to full cluster size. Experiment, YMMV :)

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