Hi Wolfram,

As part of my work looking at using i2c_new_secondary_device() to move address
mappings into the device tree, it has become evident that the return code of the
i2c_new_secondary_device() is obfuscated, and is simply a valid client - or 

This means that we must 'guess' as to whether the device failed due to a memory
allocation, or if the device address was already in use (perhaps a more common

Because of this - I would like to see the return codes of
i2c_new_secondary_device(), ic2_new_dummy(), and therefore i2c_new_device()
support returning ERR_PTR()s rather than a client or NULL.

These functions are used fairly extensively - thus it will be a fair bit of work
(or a good coccinelle script) - So I'd like to ask your opinion on the validity
of this task before I commence anything down that rabbit hole!

Any comments? Pre-ack/nack? (from anyone?)


Kieran Bingham

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