On 02/15/2017 11:22 PM, Raghava Aditya Renukunta wrote:
>> This look a bit scary. Can't the kthread be converted to a workqueue so
>> we could call cancel_work_sync()?
> Could you please elaborate on the reasons why this fix is scary?
> I understand that killing a thread is not standard (for any reason), 
> and if there are other nuanced issues I would like to understand them.

I'm actually concerned that this could have all kinds of side effects.
But this is just a gut feeling. I see some drm drivers are doing the
same, so it might be possible, but IMHO this is not a good design.

And IIRC kthreads do have more downsides (i.e. CPU hotplugging and
issues with kernel live patching).

I think most kthreads (haven't looked too close to the aacraid kthread I
must admit, but I'll be doing so) can be converted to either workqueues
or timers (or a combination of both).


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